7 Common Misconceptions about Cellulite

7 Common Misconceptions about Cellulite

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We have heard advice from family and friends on how to get rid of cellulite. There are many old wives tales and millions of dollars are spent annually on creams and ultrasonic cellulite removers in the USA. What is the truth and what are myths? 

Cellulite forms as fat deposits beneath the connective tissue that protrude just under the skin surface. These dimples along the thighs, upper arms, and stomach are harmless but can cause embarrassment. 

So, how do we get rid of them? We researched cellulite removers to uncover the myths. 

Myth: Only Overweight People Have Cellulite 

Having excess weight can make cellulite more visible but this condition does not discriminate. Those who maintain a healthy diet, an ideal weight, and a good body mass index can still struggle with cellulite. Even the smallest fat deposits can be visible. 

Myth: Cardio Cures Cellulite 

There is no amount of cardio exercise that can get rid of cellulite. It’s great for losing weight and adding strength training can help tone the skin. While it may diminish the appearance of cellulite, cardio will not cure it. 

Myth: Cellulite Can Be Cured by a Cleansing Diet or Natural Supplements 

There is no magic pill to combat cellulite. Avoiding glucose-containing foods can lessen the amount of fat deposits and adding natural supplements can help your overall health; however, there have been no proven clinical studies showing that diets or supplements keep cellulite at bay.

Myth: Skin-Firming Creams Can Cure Cellulite 

Skin-firming creams are advertised as the solution to permanently remove cellulite. Studies have found the retinoids in the creams temporarily camouflage the dimples by plumping surrounding skin cells, not eliminating the fat deposits themselves. 

Myth: Men Don’t Get Cellulite 

Men do get cellulite, albeit less noticeable signs. A man’s connective tissue forms a thick criss-cross pattern as opposed to a woman’s thinner layering of tissue. This is why cellulite is thought to be a woman’s skin condition, but many men suffer from it too. 

Myth: Clothing Can Make an Impact 

The only impact clothing has on cellulite is it’s ability to hide the unsightly marks. Compression leggings reduce the appearance of wiggling cellulite, but the signs are still visible when removed. In fact, some restrictive undergarments may cause a restriction to blood flow, encouraging more cellulite to appear. 

Myth: Only a Dermatologist Should Perform Cellulite Treatments 

A dermatologist has equipment to treat cellulite but as it is not a medical condition, there is no need for one’s assistance. Many cosmetic clinics, spas, and salons have the same cellulite remover machines. It should be noted, the same technology is also available in at-home cellulite fat remover machines. 

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