Benefits of the Ultrasonic Face Scrubber and Exfoliator Machine

December 31, 2021 2 min read

Benefits of the Ultrasonic Face Scrubber and Exfoliator Machine

As you know, exfoliating can be a game changer in terms of caring for your skin. This may be why one of the most sought after ultrasonic facial scrubbers in the USA and Canada is one you can use in the privacy of your own home! 

Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of NuLifeBeauty’s ultrasonic facial machine

Advantages of the Ultrasonic Face Scrubber and Exfoliator Machine 

To keep skin feeling and looking healthy, it is important to get rid of dead skin cells to make room for new ones. Without exfoliation, the dead skin cells can cause dry patches, clogged pores, and acne. While our body naturally sheds dead skin cells once a month, we can speed up the process, with a little help with an ultrasonic facial machine

Clears Pores 

Despite our best efforts, our pores become clogged with dirt, sweat, and oil on a daily basis. Clogged pores lead to ingrown hairs, and acne breakouts. An ultrasonic device can clear pores with the use of ultrasonic waves that penetrate the skin without damage.   

Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles 

Clear pores stimulate collagen and elastin production like a natural face-lifting machine. This in turn plumps the skin cells to diminish fine lines and wrinkles. Studies show by tightening skin and promoting cell reproduction through use of ultrasonic technology, skin will look younger. 

Removes Blackheads and Acne 

Stop spending money on “overnight cures” for blackheads. These markings develop with clogged pores and can permanently damage skin tissues. Exfoliating the blackheads can release the toxins and promote new skin cell growth. A facial scrubber can treat and prevent acne the same way. 

Makes Skin Tone Even 

In addition to red patches, our face can experience uneven tones and darkened spots, especially as we age. While the darkness caused by blackheads that can be treated with ultrasonic waves, the skin tone can be remedied by deep exfoliation. 

Improves Skin Health 

Clear pores, no acne or blackheads, and constant rejuvenation of the skin cells can help improve the overall health of the skin layers. Healthy skin requires proper blood circulation which is the end result of a skin scrubber device. 

Gentle on Sensitive Skin 

Some exfoliators can be harsh on the skin surface, especially when used with chemical-infused lotions and toners. An ultrasonic facial scrubber does not require use of abrasive soaps, just water and application of a gentle moisturizer afterward. This technique protects sensitive skin. 


While many beauty devices can collect and hold dead skin cells, old makeup, and oils, an ultrasonic scrubber machine uses sound waves, not attachments. This type of device can be maintained with alcohol wipes. 

NuLifeBeauty’s Ultrasonic Facial Machine 

For a complete facial cleansing, rely on NuLifeBeauty’s Ultrasonic 3-in-1 Face Cleanser, Scrubber & Exfoliator device. Our handheld machine is the end result of scientific research as part of our revolutionary line of beauty products. Join our satisfied customers who feel and look their best with use of our ultrasonic scrubber in Florida and around the world. For more information about our products for home use, visit or contact us today at

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