If you have been searching for an at-home body contouring device, NuLifeBeauty’s Ultrasonic Fat & Cellulite Burner may be just the ticket! Our advanced technology targets those pesky fatty areas and helps sculpt the body. As an alternative solution to expensive salon trips, this cavitation body sculpting machine offers the same results in the comfort of your home.

About Body Contouring

Body contouring is also referred to as body sculpting. The goal of body contouring is to eliminate excess skin and fat deposits while reshaping the body. Body contouring is commonly offered as a surgical procedure, which can have many risks. Comparable results, however, can be seen with use of our technology as a non-invasive body sculpting method.  

Benefits of the Ultrasonic Body Sculpting Machine from NuLifeBeauty 

NuLifeBeauty’s at home body contouring device uses similar ultrasonic technology as hospital ultrasound machines to help you achieve results. By using ultrasonic waves to target fat cells beneath the skin surface, our device stimulates the body to burn energy and eliminate fat cells through the natural waste process.

1. Safe and Effective Body Sculpting Treatment 

By using our ultrasonic cavitation machine for home use, you can be assured the product has been clinically tested and scientifically proven. Research has shown that it is 100% safe and effective with no pain or adverse side effects. In fact, 74% of our customers have seen results within the first few treatments. 

2. Non-Surgical Cavitation Treatment

NuLifeBeauty’s ultrasonic fat burner is more than just an ultrasound skin tightening machine. The non-invasive technology is designed to target fat cells while stimulating collagen production and firming the skin surfaces. The cavitation process helps to burn fat as energy.

3. Restores Firmness to the Skin 

The Ultrasonic Fat & Cellulite Burner is also intended to help firm the skin. The infrared function of the device works beneath the skin surface to boost blood circulation. This promotes collagen production and helps breath new life into skin cells for plumping and strengthening the skin’s elasticity. As we age, we lose elastin and collagen causing skin to sag.

4. Reduce Cellulite 

As the infrared works to strengthen the skin surface, the appearance of cellulite dissipates. This is seen as an increase of blood flow and collagen production is evident. This is the result as the deep skin tissues are stimulated. As skin cells revitalize, the cellulite dimples are filled.

5. Eliminate Stubborn Pockets of Fat

Our ultrasonic fat burner works with vibrations by sound waves to rupture the fat cells. The triglycerides leak from the fat cells into the lymphatic system or turn into free fatty acids and glycerol to be filtered as waste or used as energy. 

Buy the NuLifeBeauty Ultrasonic Body Contouring Device

Ready for a new silhouette? NuLifeBeauty’s ultrasonic technology can help you reach the contoured shape you desire. We had our customers in mind when developing our beauty products with the goal of helping you feel and look younger and beautiful! Contact us today at help@nulifebeauty.com for more information.

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