Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation Machine FAQ

Yes, our device is 100% safe to use. It doesn't affect any organs, nerves or vital tissues. It is based on the same proven ultrasonic cavitation technology used in professional spa salons.

Yes, an independent study by the Department of Dermatology at the Weill Medical College of Cornell University was conducted to determine the efficacy of handheld infrared emitting devices in the treatment of photoaged skin. 

After a 12 week period, 74% of the subjects reported the outcome of the treatment as either good or excellent. At the 12 week follow-up, improved skin tone was reported by 84% of subjects, improved smoothness by >70%, improved firmness by 68%, and improved elasticity by 47% of subjects.

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The device uses low-frequency targeted ultrasonic waves to disrupt and break down the fat cells underneath the skin.

The broken down fat cells are turned into free fatty acids which are used up as energy and discarded through the body's lymphatic system.

We highly recommend that you drink plenty of water as you are doing the treatments so that your body has the necessary fluids to flush out all the toxins released.

We can't guarantee a timeframe for achieving results as every individual is different. However, most of our customers start seeing some results within 1-2 weeks and more noticeable difference within 2-4 weeks.

To maintain results, you might need to do 1-2 sessions per week or every other week.

Please note that our device is not a magical tool that will offset a bad diet. You will need to put in consistent effort and maintain a healthy balanced diet to achieve results.

Please refer to our How To video HERE and our User Guide page HERE.

You should not feel any pain while using our device. Some skin redness, increased sensitivity, redness or even slight bruising is completely normal post cavitation treatment. Make sure to hydrate as much as possible to help your body recover faster and flush out all the toxins from your system.

Yes, you do need to use a gel with the device to make sure the metal base is making proper contact with the skin. The device can't be used on dry skin.

For best results, we recommeding using our own all natural Slimming & Warming Gel. However, you can also use any other water based gel.

We recommend consulting with your doctor first prior to using any of our products if you have any existing medical condition.

Every pregnancy can be completely different, so we always recommend consulting with your doctor prior to using our products.

Our device doesn't have a heating element so it's not supposed to get hot as you are using it and you shouldn't wait for it to get hot to start using it. However, you may feel some warming/heat as you are using it. This is generated by the ultrasonic waves.

You can use the device almost every day without a problem. We recommend not going over 30 minutes a day per area and treating an area for a minimum of 10 minutes. You can give yourself 1-2 days rest each week to give your body a chance to recover from the treatments. 

The device has a built-in 10 minute timer for tracking your sessions easier and safety. Once the timer runs out it will turn off, if you wish to contiinue using it, please restart the function you were using.

DO NOT SUBMERGE IN WATER. Use a damp cleaning cloth to wipe the metal head of the device. Wipe any oils off the sticky pads after use to extend their longevity.

No, our device is not battery operated. It needs to be plugged in with the provided power cord to work.

The pads are for the EMS function of the device. They plug into the side of the device and attach to your body. The massage type & intensity can be adjusted from the switches on the side of the device.

We recommend using our device prior to your exercise or workout. This way, the increased blood flow will speed up the treatment process and help your body process all the broken down fatty acids.

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